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Preventive Maintenance

Keep an Expert on Speed Dial for Your Asphalt Maintenance in Charlotte or Mount Holly, NC

Choose an asphalt contractor with over 20 years of experience

No one wants cracked asphalt and concrete to make their workplace look rundown. If your sidewalk or parking lot needs a little TLC, reach out to an asphalt contractor at Charlotte Materials, LLC. We're proud to do concrete and asphalt maintenance for local property managers and business owners throughout the Charlotte & Mount Holly, NC area.

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Parking Lot Maintenance

Schedule parking lot sealcoating to protect your asphalt from weathering.

Asphalt Paving

Learn about our three-step asphalt paving process.

Preventive Maintenance

Arrange for concrete crack filling or asphalt sealcoating services.


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Why hire us?

Because we do both concrete and asphalt maintenance, you won't have to hire multiple contractors to keep your outdoor features in top shape. Just rely on us to:

Boost your curb appeal and increase your property value
Remove trip hazards to prevent employee and customer injuries
Sealcoat your parking lot to protect it from water damage and deterioration

Take advantage of our top-notch services today. Call us at 704-995-5733 to discuss your needs with an expert.

Get an estimate for your maintenance or repair job

How does our service differ from that of other concrete and asphalt contractors in the area? For starters, we'll take your budget restrictions into account before providing an estimate. This will allow us to customize our services to get the most important work done while staying within your budget.

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